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Investments are driven by purpose & the right investment strategies help you realize it. The combination of AlphaBets & IndexAplha investment strategies allow low-cost diversification and cost-effective concentration. These complementary strategies allow wealth creation over the long term. So, whether you are aiming for growth & wealth creation or building your corpus, our strategies anchor your investments in the right directions.


AlphaBets -
The Actively Managed Satellite

AlphaBets consists of a portfolio of actively managed equities. This strategy is suitable for those investors, who are ready to commit their investible surplus for a period of at least five years.

Only equities confirming our strict selection parameters are chosen in AlphaBets. While avoiding most common behavioural biases, and sticking to the rule-based approach, this satellite of actively managed equities ensures wealth creation for our investors.

How AlphaBets Work? ( Quant Investment process)

Investment Universe

Investment Universe

  • Top 500 cos ranked by market cap
  • Top 100 ranked as large cap
  • Next 400 ranked as mid & small cap
500 Stocks
Quantitative Filters

Quantitative Filters

  • Group of 400 stocks run through a momentum filter
  • Then run through a second filter of low volatility
  • Reduced & filtered into a smaller universe
80-100 Stocks
Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction

  • Rank Stocks on momentum & low volatility
  • Sanity check for quality & liquidity
  • Position size based on risk
  • Execution process decides entry & exit
15-20 Stocks

Salient features of AlphaBets

  • Every stock has to justify its place in a portfolio, during every review subject to transaction costs.
  • Not more than 10% is invested in a single stock.
  • Maximum 15-20 stocks are held.
  • Adverse market conditions are dealt with a defensive approach & capital is conserved using debt instruments.
  • Periodical rebalancing ensures that winners stay & losers go.
Is alphabets good for me?

Index Alpha -
The Passively Managed Core

Index Alpha is a passively managed fund aimed at generating long term wealth. It is suitable to build a corpus to meet investor specific investment horizons such as retirement, buying a home etc.

How Index Alpha works (Quantitative Investment Process)

Passive investment strategies aren’t lazy, but insightful. These time tested aren’t aimed at timing and beating the market. The emphasis is on systematic investment with a disciplined approach to minimize the risks. When financial markets show signs of turbulence or downtrend, Index Aplha’s tactical fund allocation takes cover until good conditions or an uptrend resumes.

Salient features of Index Alpha

  • Tactical fund allocation is done to manage financial risks.
  • Protects the portfolio from extreme drawdowns.
  • This is not a tool to enhance returns by timing the market.
  • It may underperform during the roaring bull markets or sharp V-shaped recoveries, as its complete focus is on minimizing risks.
  • Simple to understand, but tough to follow approach.

Index Alpha Serves Two Key Purposes -

Building corpus by leveraging market
Reducing risk to preserve the corpus
This can be understood with the following examples:


This comparison of IndexAlpha & Nifty 50 explains the performance difference of both the funds. Now let’s see, how IndexAlpha minimizes risks.

Index Alpha Balanced Portfolio observed a lower fall compared to Nifty 50 and also recovered faster in the aftermath. Thus, performed “true to label” by protecting the downside

Is Index Alpha good for me?

The Best of Both Worlds

Discipline & consistency in investments can lead to wealth generation. Our portfolio management services ensure a systematic allocation of AlphaBets, IndexAlpha, gold and bonds. This approach combines both wealth growth & risk mitigation and helps you accomplish your financial goals.

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