Investments Strategies
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Markets are dynamic & volatile. The direction of markets can change frequently.

With our knowledge & expertise, we use a quan titative driven, process-oriented approach to ensure that your investments are aligned to meet your investment goals.

Our core philosophy follows the four key principles.

Rule-Based Approach

Rule-Based Approach

We observe markets and adapt to market dynamics with our rule-based approach. By leveraging quant driven analytics & human expertise, we safeguard your investments against risks and align to your investment goals.

Satellite Approach

Satellite Approach

Every 2 out of 3 actively managed large-cap funds underperform. Some of the key contributing factors behind this are the fees, style drift and persistence in performance.

This approach combines the best of active-passive investment strategies. While passive investing focuses on asset allocation, active investing focuses on bottom-up security selection. The factor investing tilts a portfolio to an investment style or factor like Value, Momentum, Quality etc.

Periodical Rebalancing

Periodical Rebalancing

Periodical rebalancing is done to adapt to market conditions. The rebalancing approach also comes in handy in times of adverse market conditions & aids as a tool to diversify risks.

This strategy ensures that winners stay & losers go & the investment corpus is geared to grow in the direction of meeting your investment goals.

Our core philosophy follows the four key principles.
Overcoming Behaviour Gap

Overcoming Behaviour Gap

The behaviour gap refers to the cognitive errors that can adversely affect investment decisions.


Mimicking the actions of a larger group

Anchoring Bias

Relying heavily on the first piece of information received

Confirmation Bias

Ignoring information contradictory to prior beliefs

Disposition Effect

Selling winners to early & holding losers for really long, in the expectation of ‘comeback’

These gaps cause pricing inefficiencies and irrational behaviour. This leads to a gap between what investors can achieve vs what they actually achieve.

Let’s take a look at the time Sensex has spent in different PE bands (closing basis)

Mr. Market offers us opportunities at Cheap, Fair & Exorbitant prices.

2% net flows in equity mutual funds in the cheap markets.
Do we really buy low and sell high?

Our investment strategies offer a combination of a core & satellite portfolio for investors to create long term wealth by diversification, appropriate asset allocation & consistent monitoring.

Our investment strategies offer a blend of actively & passively managed portfolios, balancing growth and security.

Investment Strategies

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