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At QED, we believe the most important investment you’ll ever make is choosing us as a companion for your long-term financial goals. We make your goals ours and to fulfil them we devise plans as innovative as you are. Using our years of expertise and knowledge, we offer wide range of systematic investment solutions to create an unparallaled experience for you. With QED, you can achieve the perfect blend of financial safety and growth.


First Indian PMS to have a quantitative and systematic based approach to investing.

Aligned Interests

We have skin in the game as our money is also invested alongside yours.

Sound Investment Philosophy

Focused on managing risk and based on research of Nobel laureates.

Private Equity Approach

Concentrated portfolio – No unnecessary diversification; PE like rigorous diligence process in making investments

Strategic Approach

Systematic and Quant approach reduces human biases and inconsistencies.

Consistent Tracking

Robust research and live performance track record.

Account Opening Procedure

PMS account can be opened by Indian Residents/HUF/NRI and Corporates

This section provides details on the documentation and procedure to open a PMS account with QED Capital Advisors LLP. As per Indian regulations, we are required to open a bank account and a demat account in the name of the investor. Your demat account is managed by our custodian – HDFC Bank. This is safe for you and all you need to do is spend about half an hour doing the paperwork to set it up. We will help you along the way with all the paperwork that is required. There are two ways to open your account with us – Offline mode or Online mode.

The procedure is as follows.

Send us a scanned copy of your PAN Card, Address Proof (Passport/Aadhaar/Voter ID) and Photo of the proposed account holder/s and nominee, if any.

Based on the above, we will prepare the required paperwork and send them to the applicant by courier. After the applicant receives the forms/docs, we will set up a convenient date and time for the same with you to conduct verification process via video call. After completing the process, you can sign the documents at the pre-marked places and courier them back to us.

Based on the above, we will fill-up the required information. Once the forms have been filled and submitted by us, applicant will receive an email with a link to review and complete the verification process online (via-Aadhar based OTP) step-by-step. Alternately you can opt for the video-based verification process. After completing the process, we will review the docs and send them to you for signature via email. You can digitally sign the forms (Except POA & Agreement). All the steps till this point will be online on our onboarding portal. Post this we will courier the POA and Agreement for signature which you can sign and courier back to us.

The documentation, consists

  • Bank Account Opening form
  • Demat Account Opening form
  • Letter appointing the Custodian
  • Aadhaar Consent Letter
  • Agreement with QED Capital Advisors LLP and KYC papers

IMPORTANT: You need to keep the originals of the PAN Card and address proof at the time of the Verification Process.

On completion of the paper work, the account should normally be ready in about 1-2 Weeks.

For NRI account holders, there are a few additional forms which will come along with the account opening documents.

We will be available to you at all steps to help and guide you with any information that you may need or address any query that you may have.

Download PDFs

  • MD and GP at a leading Indian VC Firm
  • Serial IT Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
  • Mid-size software development company
  • Senior Corporate Communications professional at large conglomerate
  • Senior Merchant Navy professional
  • CA and Entrepreneur running a successful services firm
  • IIT/MBA (Foreign, ISB, IIM) professionals working in leading firms (tech, VC/PE, ibanking)

Individuals (including NRIs who have a PAN card), Company, Partnership Firm, HUF and Trust

Income from equity PMS will treated as Long Term Capital Gains and Short Term Capital Gains in the hands of the Investor who opens an account with us. However, this should not be construed as tax advice. Please confirm with your tax advisor on your tax situation.

We will send you Annual and Half yearly Performance Statement. We will also send you periodic (gap not more than 6 months) Transaction, Holding & Corporate Action Reports on stocks in your portfolio. You will also get an Annual CA certified statement of your Account. However, if you require an update on your account at anytime, you can email us and we will be happy to provide you with a latest statement of your holding within 24-48 hours.

Yes we will be appointing a third party custodian. Your demat and bank accounts will be opened in your name with HDFC Bank

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