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  • Diversification through low correlated strategies
  • Long term wealth creation
  • Minimize downside using rules based strategies
  • Protect purchasing power from inflation
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AlphaBets’ investing methodology is to blend long term measures of momentum, volatility and trend in a systematic manner and avoid common Behavioral Biases. Our objective is to generate long-term capital growth from an actively managed portfolio of equities Portfolio only includes those stocks which conform to our strict stock selection filters. In this approach robust and disciplined processes guide our actions.

Investment Universe

  • Midcap Companies
  • Smallcap Companies
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AlphaBets Nifity 50 BAF*
Cy 2021 30.2% 20.0% 13.9%
Since Inception 11.8% 13.1% 10.4%

*Balanced Advantage Fund

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Index Alpha

A suitable core portfolio for investors who are looking to create wealth to meet long term with asset class diversification across equity, debt and gold. Under this approach, we invest via low cost index funds and ETF to take exposure across domestic and international equities as well as debt and gold. We also involve tactical rebalancing in this approach to manage risk during adverse market conditions.

No two people are same, it goes the same for our strategies. Our strategies are customizable as per your goals and requirements.

Investment Universe

  • Index Funds / ETFs
  • Factor Funds / ETFs
  • Bond Funds / Liquid Bees / Liquid Funds
  • Gold ETFs
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Core Equity

Under the Core Equity methodology of investment, long-term measures of low volatility, quality, value and momentum are blended in a strategic manner to ensure a robust portfolio. Under the strategy, the portfolio includes only those stocks that are filtered after our strict selection process. These are evaluated on pre-determined frequency and the portfolio is rebalanced.
So, if your goal is growth & wealth creation, Core Equity is a strong anchor to your equity portfolio.

Investment Universe

  • Top 300 stocks by market cap with a large cap tilt
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Core Equity

Invest With Investors

We invest our funds alongside our clients.
This helps create an alignment of interests.

Anish Teli

Managing Partner & Principal Officer

A successful investor, a rank holding Chartered Accountant and an MBA from the Indian School of Business (Hyderabad), Anish has a rich experience in the Indian equity markets for 15 years. He has held senior positions with private Equity Funds managed by ICICI Venture (AUM over $2Bn) and Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia (MSPEA). At MSPEA he was a Voting Member of the Investment Committee of MSPEA-III, a $1.25Bn third party fund.

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Anish Teli

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