changing-trendWe believe financial assets are more productive and valuable for the economy than physical assets. Generating funds for investment in the economy will internally will also help to reduce dependence on foreign investments

  • Latest figures from RBI show that household savings in financial assets has risen to 7.5% of national income in FY 2014-15 from 7.1% in FY 2012-13
  • Demand for physical assets like gold and real estate is waning as their prices have stagnated
  • Net Inflows into Mutual funds has jumped to Rs. 79,995 cr in FY 2014-15 from a net outflow of Rs. 8,366 crs in FY 2013-14

  Mar 2014 Mar 2015 Mar 2016
MF Equity AUM Rs. 2,03,963 crs Rs. 3,60,395 crs Rs. 4,12,568 crs
PMS Equity AUM (discretionary) Rs. 21,947 crs Rs. 40,829 crs Rs. 41,823 crs

Mutual funds are broadly suitable for retail investors who invest through SIP or lump sum. However there is a category between Retail investors and HNIs which we call as the Mass Affluent who are more sophisticated than retail investors and are aware of their financial needs and goals but still need help in navigating the markets and avoiding “behavior gap”

Attribute PMS Mutual Funds
Customization Moderate to High Low
Engagement High Very low: limited to NAV and fact sheets
Tailoring to individual goals High due to pools of capital approach Offered through diversity of schemes
Alignment of incentives Highly preferred Not possible since fee is fixed

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