Alpha-Bets’ investing methodology is to construct portfolios based on long term measures of momentum and trend in a systematic manner and avoid common Behavioral Biases. Its objective is to generate long-term capital growth from an actively managed portfolio of equities.

Alpha-Bets is only suitable for investors who are willing to commit their investible surplus to the stock market for a period of five years or more.

Clients portfolio shall comprise of Indian equities, and related instruments and debt securities.

Robust risk management to preserve capital during adverse market conditions.

Our model portfolio only includes those stocks which confirm to our strict stock selection filters. Robust and disciplined processes guide our actions.

ALPHA-BETS - Investment Process

  • Invest in a mix of mid and small caps
  • Use quantitative parameters to measure momentum, low volatility and trend
  • Assign scores to trend/momentum attributes
  • Rank stocks based on the scores to generate a list of stocks to be included in a model portfolio

ALPHA-BETS - Portfolio Construction

  • Size positions appropriately based on risk: reward characteristics of the stock and the overall market conditions
    • Invest not more than 10% in a single stock.
    • Hold a maximum of 15-20 stocks
  • Evaluate the portfolio on monthly/quarterly basis
    • Winners stay, Losers go
    • Every stock has to justify its place in the portfolio during every review subject to transaction costs
  • In adverse market conditions be defensive and conserve capital by investing cash in debt instruments
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